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About Us


Our brand draws inspiration from the "sleepers of the cave" (Ashab al-Kahf). Who fearlessly stood firm in their faith, unapologetically defying societal norms while relying only on Allah for support. 

The Origin Story…

Honestly, I had NO intention on launching a clothing brand! Before the seed for Al-Kahf was planted my intention was to design and create a handful of unique hoodies that my boys could wear to Jummah during Ramadan.

Around this time, I was also listening to the tafseer of Surah Al-Kahf via the Qalam podcast. It struck me that the youth in the story embodied what hopefully, we all want for our youth AND ourselves, to be able to show up in society unapologetic about our Muslim identity. 

As a hijabi, I’m visibly Muslim but I found that outside of “Eid-wear” there weren’t many options for my husband and boys to express their Muslim identity in casual, comfortable, everyday wear.

I realized it wasn’t just MY household that could use stylish statement-wear, but something that had the potential to resonate with the larger Ummah. And, Al-Kahf the brand was born!

Al-Khaf founder Umm Sultan pictured in the middle, alongside her husband and two sons

Our Mission

Our mission is to craft contemporary clothing that allows YOU to radiate Ashab al-Kahf energy by fusing substance, style, and everyday comfort.

Our Goal

To create your new favorite tee/hoodie.

About You

Grab something here and help me build a brand for our community rooted in confidence and comfort.

-Umm Sultan